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HIV Information REsources : HIRE

    The HIV informatics is one of the key areas intended to disseminate scientific knowledge, and computationally address many of the key questions that otherwise are intractable experimentally. We have developed a curate database of immunodeficiency viruses specific to AIDS disease, called HIV Information REsources (HIRE), which aims to unify all the available knowledge in the area, and to provide one stop place for the latest and integrated information to serve scientific and medical communities at large. The database contains genomic and proteomic information, sequences, drug properties and targets, and related biochemical and clinical data. Whereas the available scientific information is comprehensive, the disease related data are more country specific. The database also houses information for similar retroviruses like SIV, FIV and EIAV. The present database with integrated sequence, structural, biochemical and clinical data, and accompanied Java tools would be an ideal resource for information retrieval, whole genome and proteome analyses, to computationally address key questions to make new discoveries in the area and direct further experimental investigations, and finally for retrieval of scientific literature and relevant data.

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